What the fuck is going on ?

Hi my names FurBz and I feel that something is very wrong with this world …

Like a good 90% of the western world I spend a good 90% of my day scrolling the pages of Facebook my mind growing as numb as frostbitten digits at the increasingly disgusting level of puerile, childish stupidity that seems to pass for conversation and discussion. Everything appears to be getting worse, the bar seems to be getting increasingly lowered and opinions that I myself once had have been adopted by such inexcusably turd-minded toss pots that I struggle to have opinions these days than  “What the fuck is going on” and “how is everybody such a simple-minded freak”. It seems that something as simple as a fact about the health benefits of cannabis can not be put across without a witty little picture meme and quip (made by somebody else but used to outline the obvious “on the ball” sense of satirical humour that poster has) to express there point of view. It seems that everybody has become so obsessed about what the rest of the internet thinks about them that even there own opinions need to comply to this ridiculous cartoon world of catchy phrases and “egotesticals” … No I am not correcting that.

So welcome to my Blog … yes I realise the hypocrisy in what i’m doing here and i’l be honest this is the first Blog I have ever written so the whole thing is still very new. But if your like me and are growing increasingly annoyed and disgusted at just how stupid the world (in particular the cyber universe) is becoming then follow me and maybe you will find somebody as cynical and bitter as yourself… Welcome to “The opposing view”

Hang Pewdiepie



  1. Jeyna Grace · January 28, 2015

    Poor Pewds. LOL. Anyway, welcome to the blogosphere!


    • drfurbz · January 28, 2015

      Thanks very new at this so any constructive criticism appreciated 🙂


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