Jaw that Defines a Genre

In my last blog I touched upon how how over the years the number of genres found within the film industry have increased and diversified. Though in this modern era of film in which every one out of five films is an up-budget remake, rethinking or rehash of a classic film or franchise, so the few films that do attempt to stretch the wall of classification are over looked and under funded so only generally gain cult following at best. I have my own opinions about the general dumbing down of the populous, and overall satisfaction with mediocrity found in the western world (It saddens me to think of how the future will look back on the early 2000s as the age of the franchise killer), however one more obvious reason for the overall decline in original and unique film is simply that, due to the huge amounts of films in circulation its extremely hard to come up with an idea that doesn’t already fall into at least some kind of category. However last night while watching the modern classic “Man with the Screaming Brain” I had an epiphany, about a certain genre of film that is not defined by content but in fact by the actor that stars in it (And by that I don’t mean in the way that all films that star Jack Black or Rob Schneider have always and are always going to be fucking shit)… Read More


Dreaming, Movement and Time

Fifty years ago there were far fewer genres of film; Drama, Thriller, Comedy, Action and Horror being the predominant categories that most films would fall into. There was no reason to really over complicate things with genre because cinema had not developed into as mainstream a media platform that it was necessary to do so. Making feature length film was an incredibly difficult process, that was extremely expensive to do so the making of film was put into the hands of the few true artists who knew exactly how to create quality cinema, the boundaries of genre did not need to be pushed because they were still really under construction. Enter the 70s and 80s and cinema had really began to split the boundaries of genre creating new ones in the process; films like “Halloween” and “Friday the 13th” showed that horror did not have to be just a medium of psychological tension but instead could use jump scares and colourful antagonists to create the dawn of the “Slasher Horror”. Films that focused on the rise and fall of criminal structure gave birth to the “Gangster Flick” and large breasted blondes with bushy orifices gave us the dawn of the “Pornographic Feature Length Presentation”.
As we reached the year 2000 it would be nothing out of the ordinary to hear about the new; “Rom-Com”,”Sci-fi Action Thriller”,”Zombie B-Movie Grindhouse Horror” etc. The point is as writing, direction, production and development progressed and became a more widely spread art form, More and more artists and new thinkers started doing their bit for the medium of cinema leading to a blossoming of Audio/Visual creativity.
Then Something Happened… Read More

Memories Best Kept Warm

There are very few movies that truly reach into your soul and breath life into the inner child you thought long forgotten, movies that take you apart piece by piece and re-assemble your very person with a better understanding of your entire existence, pieces of cinema so unique, compelling, immersive and real that they make you question everything you ever thought you knew. Truly life changing events happen very rarely but are forever remembered. From the devastation of the loss of a loved one, to the overwhelming passion and excitement of your first romantic experience; these experiences are the ones that we can look back on and think “if that had never happened I would not be the man I am today”.
With 24 years of colourful, eventful and educational life experience behind me I can look back on very few moments and say they truly changed me or helped me better understand myself as a person. One event however I can say with absolute surety helped me develop as a person was the first time I viewed the sheer mind blowing visual brilliance which is “Samurai Cop” Read More

The art of killing a joke …

Despite my first rant about the overall state of public trend and opinion and “over cartoonyness” of absolutely everything I do in fact weirdly enough have a sense of humour, and even weirdlyier still I love absurd,”random” humour. South park in my opinion is one of the greatest television shows ever and even after over 15 years of quality broadcasting they still manage to keep things extremely funny and fresh by using the tried and tested formulae of “find a current event (preferably one that is a little tongue in cheek), blow current event out of all worldly proportion and enjoy as the respectable characters involved in the real life situation are reduced to nothing more than a laughing stock caricature of there former selves. Its works and I think we can all agree its fucking hilarious !Now I have established what is funny let me explain what is not … Read More

What the fuck is going on ?

Hi my names FurBz and I feel that something is very wrong with this world …

Like a good 90% of the western world I spend a good 90% of my day scrolling the pages of Facebook my mind growing as numb as frostbitten digits at the increasingly disgusting level of puerile, childish stupidity that seems to pass for conversation and discussion. Everything appears to be getting worse, the bar seems to be getting increasingly lowered and opinions that I myself once had have been adopted by such inexcusably turd-minded toss pots that I struggle to have opinions these days than  “What the fuck is going on” and “how is everybody such a simple-minded freak”. It seems that something as simple as a fact about the health benefits of cannabis can not be put across without a witty little picture meme and quip (made by somebody else but used to outline the obvious “on the ball” sense of satirical humour that poster has) to express there point of view. It seems that everybody has become so obsessed about what the rest of the internet thinks about them that even there own opinions need to comply to this ridiculous cartoon world of catchy phrases and “egotesticals” … No I am not correcting that.

So welcome to my Blog … yes I realise the hypocrisy in what i’m doing here and i’l be honest this is the first Blog I have ever written so the whole thing is still very new. But if your like me and are growing increasingly annoyed and disgusted at just how stupid the world (in particular the cyber universe) is becoming then follow me and maybe you will find somebody as cynical and bitter as yourself… Welcome to “The opposing view”

Hang Pewdiepie