On Going Rant On Popular Culture


What The Fuck Is Going On ?

Hi my names FurBz and I feel that something is very wrong with this world …

Like a good 90% of the western world I spend a good 90% of my day scrolling the pages of Facebook my mind growing as numb as frostbitten digits at the increasingly disgusting level of puerile, childish stupidity that seems to pass for conversation and discussion. Everything appears to be getting worse, the bar seems to be getting increasingly lowered and opinions that I myself once had have been adopted by such inexcusably turd-minded toss pots that I struggle to have opinions these days other than “What the fuck is going on” and “how is everybody such a simple-minded freak”. It seems that something as simple as a fact about the health benefits of cannabis can not be put across without a witty little picture meme and quip (made by somebody else but used to outline the obvious “on the ball” sense of satirical humour that poster has) to express their point of view. It seems that everybody has become so obsessed about what the rest of the internet thinks about them that even there own opinions need to comply to this ridiculous cartoon world of catchy phrases and “egotesticals” … No I am not correcting that.

So welcome to my Blog … yes I realise the hypocrisy in what i’m doing here and i’l be honest this is the first Blog I have ever written so the whole thing is still very new. But if your like me and are growing increasingly annoyed and disgusted at just how stupid the world (in particular the cyber universe) is becoming then follow me and maybe you will find somebody as cynical and bitter as yourself… Welcome to “The opposing view”

Hang Pewdiepie


The Art Of Killing A Joke …

Despite my first rant about the overall state of public trend and opinion and “over cartoonyness” of absolutely everything I do in fact weirdly enough have a sense of humour, and even weirdlyier still I love absurd,”random” humour. South park in my opinion is one of the greatest television shows ever and even after over 15 years of quality broadcasting they still manage to keep things extremely funny and fresh by using the tried and tested formulae of “find a current event (preferably one that is a little tongue in cheek), blow current event out of all worldly proportion and enjoy as the respectable characters involved in the real life situation are reduced to nothing more than a laughing stock caricature of there former selves. Its works and I think we can all agree its fucking hilarious !

Now I have established what is funny let me explain what is not …


Al gore is what you may call a semi-recurring character. He has appeared in more than just one episode because of his hilarious catchphrases “I’m super serial” and “excelsior”, not to mention his never ending quest to find and destroy “manbearpig”. This is a fair caricature as Al Gore is somewhat renowned for his “outside of the box” thinking on political affairs and regardless of what your stance on his politics is we can all enjoy the hugely blown out of proportion character that is portrayed on the show. Watching Al Gore on south park gives that feeling of “I know enough about politics to understand why this is funny”.
Now imagine if the Al Gore character from south park was not used the way he usually is in South Park (an occasional appearance in which him and his antics are the focus of the episode) but instead was in fact used multiple times per episode as a background character that popped up to say “I’m super serial” … Can you imagine how fucking annoying that would get ? Imagine a world in which every time Kyle made a serious point to Cartman Al Gore would pop up and go “I’m super serial” before whooshing off into the distance in his little cape. If you can scrape two brain cells together then you probably think that the joke would get incredibly old incredibly fast.

So what is it I’m getting at here ?

Of course Trey Parker and Matt Stone would ever have as stupid a fucking idea as to sabotage their own show with this because as a comedy they try to be funny. However it seems that the rest of the world has become obsessed with this fucking annoying attempt at comedy and if you don’t know what I mean then see how many RKO’S, pictures of fry (from Futurama) looking suspicious or Boromir (Lord of the rings) explaining how “one does not simply” do something are on your Facebook news feed.

I am of course talking about Meme Humour (if it can even be fucking called humour),the benign tumour on the cerebellum of the internet. It seems that the humour of the modern man is less about the art telling a joke but more the art of killing it. Nothing is worse than hearing a good joke ruined by the amount of times you are told it, but it seems that in this modern age of cyber connection where everybody can be somebody and somebody could be anybody, instead of people developing a sense of humour of there own they instead opt for taking something other people have noticed and … well … ripping it off.I applaud the first person who applied Willy Wonka’s “so your telling me” line to something other than its intended purpose, however the fact that his face has to be applied to every single discussion by some dumb cunt who lacks the creativity to tie his own shoe laces fills me with misanthropy. The Meme generation are destroying the internet and if were not careful they will destroy pop culture as we know it. Everybody loves to laugh at things outside of context but the more its done the more in context it becomes. The one Meme I do enjoy is one that I believe is not overused, clever, and will eternally be out of context because hardly anybody knows who the fuck he is. The Meme I refer to is that of French experimental portrait artist Joseph Ducreux … who right ?. Google him and you will know who I am talking about. I always find these Memes funny because each one is completely unique and as I said nobody knows who the fuck he is… The humour in this Meme comes from taking a song and making the lyrics old fashioned. Its hard to even call this a Meme as they would still be funny without Ducreux it just so happens that his portrait works perfectly for it. The hilarity comes from the wordplay and how well done the song is translated to ye olde English, not how many fucking times you can work one of his “quotes” into your own comedic vocabulary.

In conclusion fuck Meme humour and Xhibit can suck my fat one


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